orange-bucket-on-sand-1546428Do you remember the movie, “The Bucket List”, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson? The story of how two terminal ill people that made a list of things they wanted to do before they kicked the bucket.

It had a remarkable emotional response to those that understood the underlining meaning of the plot. Life is too short and makes no promises to how long we will be able to stay. So make the most of it.

Movies like this can have an influence on us to stop what we are doing and reflect on our own lives. Asking questions about our selves and seeing if our priorities are in the right place. Have you gone to the places and done the things you have always dream of doing?

When we are lying on the death bed will we experience the feelings of peace or regret?

The Bucket List-Why

In our lives many of us get caught in a rut that leads us to missing the things we have always wanted to do. We get focused and work hard to meet goals and acquire success, but at what cost? Family, friends, our emotional need to experience life?

If we are spending our time/energy chasing money, careers, or occupational achievements without checking our emotional needs to experience life, then we could be left with regrets in the end. So to avoid feelings of these regret maybe we should make a commitment to ourselves to live life to the

Making a Buck List would be a good start. Start dreaming again and share that list with the ones that mean the most to you in your life and LIVE. Dream of what you want to do and dream big.

I must warn you that while making your bucket list you will have monsters telling you not to dream. They say it is a waste of time. They will grab your feet and try to bind you to the ground. Don’t worry. Later I will introduce your to your new Fairy God Father/Mother who will slay these monsters and help your dreams become a reality.

The Bucket List- What’s Yours

Making a bucket list is quite simple. Some may even call it a wish list of things they would like to do or experience, which is exactly what it is. What are some thing you would like to do or experience in life before you kick the bucket.

gootee-family-cancunIf you are single, married and even have kids this would be a great activity. Getting your list on paper is like having a goal on paper. You don’t have one until it is written down. It is something you can look at and when you have achieved something on the list you can mark it off.

Remember quality time with family and friends can give you wonderful memories to last a lifetime. So get a piece of paper out sit down and start. Some example of things would be:

What places do we want to visit- Theme parks, historical places, theater or Broadway shows, exotic places, luxury resorts, a cruise, visiting a country from your family tree.

What activities-Drive a race car, go on a hot air balloon ride, Fly in an F-16, visit a game show or your favorite talk show, visit Disney Land or Universal Studios, go on a Safari, family vacations, anniversary getaway, birthday wishes, The perfect wedding spot at an estate or mansion.

How do you want to travel- Cruise the ocean or rivers, Fly First or Business class, take a limo ride, Views from a helicopter, fly in to a mountain lake on a plane. Travel on a private jet.

The list can go on and on and I’m sure you can get the picture. The thing is to avoid the messages from the monsters and create the life you want to experience.

The Bucket List is Expensive-Or is it

You are done with your bucket list and you dreamed big. You have placed yourself at some most amazing places and seen yourself going on great adventures. Then your monsters bring you to reality by saying, “Look at your list-TO Expensive”, “You will never be able to complete this”.

Be rest assured that monsters can come to you in any shape, size, or form. Most of them can be family and friends. One of them might even be your own conscious telling you, “No Way”.sculpture-monster

Remember hearing some Disney themes that talked hopes and dreams do come true. Well they do and before I introduce your new Fairy God Father/Mothers to you, let me make a point.

Some things are expensive in this world and then there are people who devote their lives to making sure others dreams become a reality. So without any further a due…

You Fairy God Father/Mothers

Welcome to the people who makes peoples dream become a reality, The World Discovery Club. This company provides products that turns those bucket lists into reality. World Discovery Club is a place that provides deep discounts to its members on a daily bases.

World Discovery ClubAll the examples in the above title, The Bucket Lists-What’s Yours, has become a reality for so many people. The World Discovery Club has truly become the Fairy God Parents of its members. It has become the big buzz of the internet for those you wish go on extravagant excursions.

They provide lasting memories for their members who want that quality time with their family and friends. Saving them money in their adventures as well as, in the members everyday spending.

The World Discovery Club slays monsters of their members, which usually converts those monsters into believers of hopes and dreams. So What is your Bucket List?

So, take a look at their website today and tell them that your new Fairy God Father, Mark Gootee, sent you. Click here.

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Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Reach out if you would like starting your own Bucket List. Thanks for reading and have an amazing day.


Mark Gootee

Founder and CEO of MyLGT Solution LLC

Partner of World Discovery Club


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Last modified: March 15, 2019



Linus Udochukwu Marvellous 

Although I have seen the movie and I enjoyed it, I have never though about creating my own bucket list. I feel I am too young to create a bucket list for myself but like you said, life is too short and I don’t want to be filled with regret on my death bed so I will definitely create a bucket list and do this things I have dreamt of doing.

    Mark Gootee 

    Linus, thank you for reviewing the article and sharing your plan. You are never to young or old to make a bucket list. Create it with the ones that mean the most to you. I would love to hear that story and would hope you share it. 

    Have an amazing week and let me know how your Bucket List creation goes.

    Mark Gootee

Tons of value to be found on this post on Bucket listThis is a great and simple to follow guide. You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me.

I got to know everybody needs a bucket list in order to achieve our goals. Thanks for this eye opener

    Mark Gootee 

    Ola, thank you for reviewing the article and I’m glad that you have found vaule with it. I’m glad to hear that your are making a bucket list to achieve your goals. Thanks again for your comments and have an amazing week.

    Mark Gootee

Hello. I feel touched by this article. I have been disengaged from the joys of life due to my busy schedule. I will be making a bucket list and I feel like I should re-connect with my family and friends as I have realized that there are more important things than money. Great job

    Mark Gootee 

    Divine13, Thank you for reviewing and I’m glad that it touched you. That is great that you are making a bucket list and re-engaging with your family and friends. Memories that you share with them can be cherished for a life time and can bring peace to our minds and emotions. 

    You have an amazing week and make that list with your family. I could become moment in itself.

    Mark Gootee



I never saw the movie ‘The Bucket List’ but I guess it must has been a very didactic movie. Just as you the movie teaches us, yes, life is too short and sometimes most people spend their whole life working between boring 9-5 jobs, striving for degrees and all sort of ‘worthy frivolities’ and at a snap of the finger, they find themselves on their dying bed and realized they never really enjoyed life. They never really spent time with the people they love and by then, it’ll be too late of course.

I agree that we should all get a bucket list or something similar and thrive to live life to the fullest because we might regret later.


    Mark Gootee 

    Sammy, Thank you for your review of the article and your comments. I’m glad that you agree that a bucket list could help people live their life to the fullest. Have an incredible week and best wishes in creating your bucket list.


    Mark Gootee

This is a very  wonderful  post. Most of us live our lives in chase of money abandoning our own desires.  Please do not get me wrong , some people’s life goals is to make money and that’s their choice but what is the essence of money when you do not have people to spend on or that will remember you when you are gone. The best time to enjoy life is with family,  the ones you love.  As for me,  my bucket list will be spending time with children and grandchildren. In my opinion,  love conquers all  

    Mark Gootee 

    Mikay, Thank you for reviewing my article and for the comments. I am glad that you enjoyed it and would agree that love does conquer all. Thanks again and have an amazing week.

    Mark Gootee

Thanks for writing article on the bucket list. I must say I have not even think of having one before with family because am always a busy person but reading this article really make me think of doing so with my family with the help of World Discovery Club.i will try and find out more about this company and see how it works

    Ajibola40, thank you for reviewing my article and for your comments. I’m glad that it has helped you to take a look at creating a bucket list. Creating it with your family and friends could be very fun and enjoyable.

    Have an amazing week and best wishes in planing your bucket list. Reach out to the World Discovery Club, you will be amazed at what this Club can do.

    Mark Gootee

This post made me to actually reflect on the way that I am currently living my life. There is a lot I would like to do but it always seems that I always find an excuse to not do them. The funny thing is that these excuses are always justifiable reasons but I always use them to pull myself away from experiencing the awesomeness of life.

I have previously created a bucket list of things I would like to do but I have not always stock to it. This is a wake-up call on how I live my life making me want to do things that I would look back on and actually appreciate when it is time for me to leave this world.

    Jay, Thank you for reviewing my article and your heart felt comments. I used to do the same thing and it took some real life challenges to make me stop and take a look at life. The expereinces and memories that we have in the end will let us know if we lived life.

    I’m glad that the article has helped you and have an amazing week. 

    Mark Gootee

I have a very long bucket list, and I don’t think I’ll be able to do everything I’ve written on my bucket list. There are a lot of situations that make it difficult for me to achieve every item in my bucket list. Do you mean that if I join world discovery club, I’ll be able to achieve my dreams with the help of a fairy godmother or fairy godfather?

    Mark Gootee 

    Louis, thank you for reviewing the article and your comments. Many of us, including me, have a long bucket list. We can only do our best to complete as many as possible. 

    People that have joined the World Discovery Club have been able to save money traveling and buying everyday items. The have been able to accomplish more on their list than before joining the Club. Many can not believe the discounted prices of travel and type of locations that they now travel to. 

    It was a game changer for them and they are thankful for becoming members.

    So do you get a real Fairy God Parent? No, you get a company that is committed to making member’s dream vactions and business potentials a reality. 

    Thanks again for your review and comments. Have an amazing week and reach out to see if World Discovery Club is the right choice for you and your bucket list.


    Mark Gootee


I loved your quote “When we are lying on the death bed will we experience the feelings of peace or regret?”, really, everyone has to ask this question and try to get a sincere response. For me and my little family, we hope to visit “the seven wonders of the World” before kicking the bucket.

I will talk with my wife and 2 daughters about The World Discovery Club, we’re excited about travel! hope we can find deep discounts.


    Karim, Thanks for the comments and reviewing the article. Creating a bucket list as a family is one of the most enjoyable things a family can do. Experiencing them together is even better and will give your family incredible lifelong memories. 

    I think you will be pleasantly surprised about the discounts the World Discovery Club has for it’s members. If you need further assistance with that then please reach out to me. It would be a pleasure to assist you.

    Have an amazing week for you and your family.

    Mark Gootee

Seun Afotanju 

Thanks for this informative post, having a bucket list gives us some direction in life. It helps to guide us towards new things and new experiences. I have never really had a good thought of having a bucket list, due to the fear of them not coming true but this post has changed my mind encouraging me on focusing on my list and it gives me a sense of direction in my life and a purpose. much appreciated! 

    Seun, Thank you for reviewing my article. The intent of the article was to get people to take a break and reflect on a bucket list. I glad this article put your fears to rest. You have an amazing week my friend.

    Mark Gootee

Babsie Wagner 

The World Discovery Club sounds like a place to go to get encouragement for your perhaps seemingly out of reach dreams. Right?  A place to figure out how you can do it instead of someone just telling you that you cannot do it.  However, as great as this sounds, I couldn’t actually find a link to the site?  I would be interested in some encouragement for my own dreams, we all have them, and we could all use a “Fairy Godmother” or “fairy Godfather” to help with the process.

    Mark Gootee 

    The World Discovery Club

    Babsie, Thank your for your comments and review of the article. It is amazing how quickly responses goes out while writting the article. The link is ready and again thank you for following me as I created this article. If you are pressed for the time then you can click the title above to view The World Discovery Club. HAve an amazing week.

    Mark Gootee

Hi Mark Gootee! Thank you very much for making me day dream with this bucket list. And your post gave this unpredictable turn making these dreams spring to life by presenting World Discovery Club.

I’ll go over to their site and see what they offer. I’m excited that there are tangible possibilities to make a reality the things written down in my list. I live in Latin-america. Does World Discovery Club work with people in Latin-america?

Hi there,

I have written down my bucket list and my dreams are to travel all over the world with my kids and my husband. Discover new cultures and different people, but this seems so far away from reality:) I’ve heard that when we write things down, it usually happen. It’s the first time I read about the World Discovery Club, I’ll check this further right now. I wonder if they have world tour packages?

Thank you for this excellent post!

    Mark Gootee 

    Daniella, Thank you for reviewing the article and leaving your comments. I’m glad to hear that you wrote down your bucket list. Check out World Discovery Club and I think you will realize those dreams might be a little closer to reality than you realize. 

    Have an amazing week and Oh, I forgot to ask. Did you create that bucket list with your family? Do they know about that list? If not share it and sit down and update it as a family.It might make the list longer, but it could be fun, as a family, to decide which adventure to check off first. 


    Mark Gootee

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