luxury TravelPlanning a dream vacation can be a daunting task. Searching from website to the next to find the perfect location, the right flights, and perfect schedule for the trip. Comparing prices to make sure that it fits a budget. Most people get their trip half-way done and hire someone else for the task.

Budget constraints are another issue in planning a luxury escape. More people plan on a budget for a trip and wish there was a way to stretch their dollars to have a more remarkable and stunning vacation. We search for discounts on everything in order to get more out of our vacations.

Wouldn’t it be great to go to a website that has it all in one place? I think our answer would be yes and it would probably open a whole new outlook on where and when we travel.

Research has Paid Off

A passion for travel has led us to research all over the globe to find simple solutions to planing incredible trips. The research led to Co-op vacation plans, timeshares, exclusive getaways, discounted travel and people renting out their homes for vacationers.

Yet they were all on different websites jumping from website to the next to find a good deal. It wasn’t until I ran into a company that built their business to perfectly fit all the traveler’s needs and then some. It was so revolutionary that it totally changes the game and put everything that you could think of on one website.

Imagine that! No really…imagine going to one place to get all the information, prices, and the ability to book a dream vacation. Imagine that you find a dream vacation and the budget you have is more than what you are going to spend. This can get exciting very quickly.

A Website from Travelers for Travelers

The research led me to find World Discovery Club. Not a timeshare (no maintenance or service fees), not a specialty resort, but experienced people in the travel industry turning dream vacations into a reality. Meeting the needs of the traveler to create extraordinary vacations that leave lasting impressions.

They basically help you put that dream vacation on steroids and still be well within a budget. The World Fighter Jet RidesDiscovery Club takes a vacation and turns it into a must luxury vacation imaginable. It does not just stop there. The company will show you where to get local discounts for everyday needs.

World Discovery Club has locations, events, and resorts that are not available anywhere in the travel industry. This company cannot leave out the adrenal junkies. Flights on a fighter jet, or getting in on the race car track going 150 miles an hour is available to book as well.

One Last Thing Before the Click

World Discovery ClubWorld Discovery Club also will show you how to turn a passion for travel into a franchise. So not only can you have a one-click solution, you can see how this website can make you a franchise owner. They deliver way more than expected.

Click here to see their intro that could change your life.

This Could Change Everything

Luxury Travel on a Budget’s mission is just what it says. Putting luxury in the way you travel. We have researched some interesting options, but this by far is one that could change everything. It could change the way you plan for the next Dream Vacation.

We hope this forum provided you with some useful information on planning for the next big trip. Remember the quality of the vacation is what memories are made of. If you are a hard worker, then take a break. You deserve it and a family deserves you.

Please leave a comment about this article and let us know how we are doing. As always best wishes on your future travels and have an amazing week.


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Last modified: March 26, 2019



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