international flightIf you can remember your last international flight, then two things happened. You loved it or you hated it. I remember flying international to many times and hating being cramped in a seat on a full flight and never getting to relax. Every time I boarded the plane I would walk by the first class and business section and sigh. It would be great to be in one of these seats on a long international flight. Ever been in this situation?

Going on that trip of a lifetime is exciting and this excitement can hold you over only so long on an international flight. Relaxing was the reason you came on the trip in the first place and flying should be a part of that as well. Right? I guess it depends, but not really. It doesn’t happen unless you found an international flight discount to upgrade your seat.

That is what we are going to talk about today in this forum. Is there such a thing as international flight discounted tickets? Things to change the game, How do you want to fly, A little secret, and Conclusion.

This will be a great forum to talk about and share with your family and friends. Why? Well, because you just found a way to take an international flight in style.

Is There Such a Thing as International Flight Discounts?

There sure is and a lot of people that are planning their vacations are starting to find sources and taking advantage of the discounts. Today’s technology intertwined with the internet can make searching for international discount flights a bit overwhelming. Personally, I have gone from site to site and even contacted top airlines to see where these hidden treasures cards and planes

Of course, there are the typical credit cards that give you points for your travel. People changing their buying hobbits to maximize their points by converting their bills and living expenses on a credit card. To some, this is a common and normal process. Other who don’t wish to be encumbered by credit cards look for a different approach.

Not everyone has the opportunity or time to spend researching discounts to plan your next dream trip and you don’t have too. My goal is to share to make it easier for the reader. So here is some things I found that changed the game for me.

Things that will Change the Game

There are a lot of companies and websites that make the claim to help save you money on your next international flight. I know because I have tried most of them. Some really do and others… well don’t. I will be sharing one best-kept secret that has constantly saved money for me and my family. Before getting into the nuts and bolts of the information there are some other things you need to consider when planning international flights.

Tweaking small things in the planning process can produce bigger returns for your international flight.

Time-Flying at the right time to the right places. You will need to ask your self a few things.

      • What time of year are you flying?
      • During a peak or low season?
      • What is the time frame of your stay?

planning-trip-1All these things can make a difference in planning your vacation. Flight can fluctuate depending on the time of year you travel. So planning accordingly is can make a huge difference. Remember the earlier you book the more you can save.



People- The amount of people you travel with is really important and most people never knew that you could save money if you travel as a group. So ask yourself:

      • Are you flying alone to explore the world?
      • Taking a romantic getaway for two?
      • Is it a family affair and the whole family is going?
      • Are you traveling in a large group?

There is a big difference in discounts when you travel as a couple or an entire family. Asking for group rates can save you a lot of money. Always ask this when talking to your service agent.

If you are saving money while booking these flights you should always consider, How Do You Want To Fly?


How Do You Want To Fly?

This is a very good and important question. If you are venturing to travel across the world, how you fly, can make a big difference. Why? Let me explain.

Some of the longest international flights can be over 16 hours. Even if it is for business or pleasure it is a long flight. The ability to fly comfortably can have an impact on managing jet lag. If you can relax in the cramped area with no leg room and the seat in front of you on your lap then my hat is off to you. Most people can’t relax in these conditions.Business-class

If you can fly premium, business, or first class at a discount of 50-77% would you? Believe me, spending a little bit more on savings like that can be well worth it. You can make sure that your dream vacation will start and end with a relaxing flight. This was a huge change in the way we traveled and if you plan and save accordingly you can do it. You will thank me later.

A Little Secret

This is where sharing a resource comes in. We have booked our international flight with Sky Lux Travel for the last few years and they have been very accommodating made traveling enjoyable. Who are they? They are not an airline but are a booking agency specializing in international travel.

There are many booking agencies out there. They are by far the best that we have encountered, and as I said before, we have tried several others. They also book vacation packages as well. So it is yet another tool you can use to plan your next dream vacation or business trip.

You can go online to and review their offers and deals, but I have something else for you as well. If you call 1-855-975-9269 you can book your next international flight with my agent. Whose name is Olby. A very important note: If you give them my name, Mark Gootee, they will give you a $100 credit toward your flight.



My goal here was to pass on some knowledge that I have used in my many years of travel. I hope it serves you well as it has me and my family.

So there it is. A few gold nuggets on planning your next International flight. Also, a great resource to add in your toolbox for planning international flights.

I hope this forum was informational for you and has helped you out. If you need any help or if you are planning a group trip, then do not hesitate to reach out. Happy traveling!


mark-gooteeMark Gootee

Author & Founder of

Owner of MyLGT Solutions LLC

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Last modified: March 4, 2019



Thank you, Mark, for sharing important information about international flights and secrets to make a flight comfortable and cheap. I wouldn’t say that I love traveling, but anyway once a year or two I’m making an oversee trip to Europe and back to the States. It usually takes about 8 to 9 hours to cross an Atlantic ocean and unfortunately, so far the price of the booking is the most essential factor that makes a difference. I’ve bookmarked the post and definitely search Sky Lux Travel offers before the next trip and will try to contact Olby.
As a regular oversea traveler I’m anxious about the safety of the flights, first of all, and It would be interesting to many visitors of your site if you analyzed such kind of information and published a post.

    Thank you for the review and your comments. I’m glad that it was of use to you. Thanks for the suggestion to analyze the safety of flights. I will do some research and add it to my reviews. Have an amazing weekend and happy traveling on your next trip.

    Mark Gootee

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