When you hear the word ” Franchise”, most people automatically think of McDonalds. Today we see that there are franchises everywhere. You can see franchises from fast foods all the way up into the travel industry. Franchises offering products or services to fit the needs of the consumer.

Any aspiring entrepreneur can research and find franchises for any niche. Investing in the one that can bring profits to your bank account is very important. Deciding which one to choose can be a daunting task and can quickly turn into information overload.

In this article I wanted to share how my passions took me on a journey of becoming a franchise owner in the travel industry. Hopefully this will help any entrepreneur understand that becoming a franchise owner can be within anyone s reach.

New world discoveries in franchises can be found.

Defining a Franchise

Defining what a franchise is can be an important key factor in the decision process. It most certainly was for me.

Franchises have a unique and tried system to bring potential success to the owner. Within a franchise there is model or system that can be copied. If followed properly, potential success can follow.

Any franchise that professes they are a franchise without this model isn’t a franchise. If they don’t have a system that you can duplicate proven success, then you need to do an about face and pop smoke.

In today’s society, it seems that the internet has limited some franchises on how they provide their products and service. You can now shop from the comfort of your own home to buy what every you want. This trend has been on the rise for over a decade and will eventually become the norm for how consumers shop.

Owning a company or franchise through the internet can take your business from local to global in one click of a button. More of the brick and motor companies are following this trend to keep up with their competitors. They realized that they can expand their customer base to compete in the global market.

So picking a franchise with no overhead and the ability to market globally was a no brainier. In my research there were a few factors I needed answers to before I made a decision.

My Franchise- The Deciding Factors

Seeing the potential to have consumers on a global scale was a very attractive incentive. Larger audience equals increase profit potential and zero overhead. My research found hundreds of franchises on the internet, finding the right one for me was the challenge.

A passion to travel has always been a part of my life. Traveling to other cultures or visiting historical places is very fun and educational. This passion helped me to develop a niche and to develop a foundation for my research. I found that the travel industry is… not a million… not a billion… but a trillion dollar industry.

My passion identified a niche and the desire to start my own business lead me to a franchise company called the World Discovery Club. So now investigating this company became a priority. The decisions of partnering with them was based on a couple of factors…

Meeting the Factors

Investigating any company you need to see if they are reputable. If they have a great franchise model, and possess a solid marketing and support program. These were important for me to be able to move forward in my journey.

I first research World Discovery Club with the Better Business Bureau to see their score. They started in 2006 and had an A+ rating. More importantly was they had only two review complaints and they both were rectified. If you have done this type of investigation before you know that this was a remarkable discovery.

World Discovery ClubThe marketing and support system for the company is probably one of the best I’ve seen. The franchise has a marketing and auto respond system set up to help the owner. They also have a CO-OP program that helps to instantly pull leads to your franchise.

The support system is even more remarkable. Not only do they have people ready to help you set up and maintain your franchise, they have a team to that can close your sales for you too.

The products within the franchise were very interesting to me. I found that the products and franchise model were created by expert travelers for travelers. The founder and CEO of World Discovery Club recognized that travelers are always looking for discounts and bargains. This led them to formulate an amazing line up of products that are obtainable for all travelers with the ability to own and operate a franchise.

I would have to say that these factors alone solidified my decision on becoming a franchise owner and partner in the company.

A Unique Franchise

Being unique in the market of travel can set you apart from others. World Discovery Club franchise is the most unique concept in the travel industry. Combining your love for travel in a franchise model that allows people to do what they love and become a business owner in the industry.

The products contain discounts and booking right within the website to make it even easier for the traveling consumer. The franchise places the owner in a unique position to bring their consumer’s dream vacations to reality and offer a franchise opportunity.

Typical franchises start out around $150,000 and can reach in the millions. The World Discovery Club franchise can range from $500. To $20,000 depending on how you want your franchise set up. The uniqueness of World Discovery Club was a huge game changer. I became a franchise owner and partner with a company that is truly unbelievable.

Exceeding the expectations of clients and future franchise owners is what the World Discovery Club is all about. The traveling is remarkable and the potential for building a business is endless.

Take the Time…

If you have ever wanted a better traveling experience or looking at stating a franchise then look into the World Discovery Club. Take the time to research World Discovery Club because has the potential to change the way you travel and to becoming a franchise owner.

Take the time to find your niche, research your passion, and become a franchise owner. This will one of the most important things you can do.

If you love to travel and have a desire to become a business owner, then your in good company.

Take the time to leave a comment or would like more information.

As Always, have an amazing journey in life. We only have one, so make it amazing.

Mark Gootee

Partner of World Discovery Club

Author of markgootee.com

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Last modified: March 25, 2019



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